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Construction Mobility Tax Credit - Bill C-201

How A Construction Mobility Tax Credit Will Benefit YOU!

Workers Build Canada has recently launched a new campaign in support of a Labour Mobility Tax Credit, like the one which has been proposed by Hamilton Centre MP Chris Charlton in Bill C-201.

A construction mobility tax credit will benefit construction workers like you when you have to pay out of your own pocket for the cost of travelling to job sites far away from where you live.

To learn more about how a mobility tax credit will be good for construction workers and good for our economy, click here.

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A Special Message From Workers Build Canada

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Bill C377 Now In The Senate!

Attention all WORKERSBUILDCANADA.CA portal users! Click the link for the Canadian Building Trades C377 update video.

Please watch the information video and forward to all your contacts and networks -- Bill C377 is now in the Senate and is expected to pass before summer 2013.

Workers Build Canada

Get the facts on Bill C-377 and take action on this important issue

Sheet Metal Workers are employed all over the country, in all Provinces and Territories, rural and urban areas, and in remote areas like the far North, and in newly developing but critical projects like the oil sands.

We support the Government of Canada and the Prime Minister’s efforts to push for such projects as the Northern Gateway and the proposed Keystone XL pipeline – these large construction projects are opportunities not only for our current workers to contribute to Canada’s energy future, but also for young people to take interest and become part of the skilled trades. Simply put, we need these opportunities to train the next generation of builders and maintainers who will make the country prosperous and safe.

We support the Government’s reforms of the regulatory approval process for large projects like the Northern Gateway. The current process is broken, and undermines valuable economic opportunities that create well-paying Canadian jobs. A vigorous and expeditious regulatory approvals process is the right decision for Canada and our economy.

We are concerned with a private member’s bill that has come before the House of Commons, C-377, which endangers our ability to build projects across the country and create jobs.

C-377 is intended to fix a problem that does not exist.

Instead, it actually duplicates processes that are already in place to provide accountability and transparency for our workers and would create an expanded, expensive and redundant bureaucracy. Our costs of compliance will be extraordinary and beyond that required of any other tax entity.

Get the facts on Bill C-377 and take action on this important issue.

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