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Chattanooga Apprentice Schedule 2015-16

 Sheet Metal Worker’s L.U. #5
Knoxville Area JATC
Chattanooga Area Training Center
2015-2016 Apprenticeship Training Schedules

The 2015-16 Apprentice Training schedules listed below are designed to provide the apprentice with 180 hours of training over the course of 10 months from September 2015 through June 2016. These dates may be subject to change, but you will be notified ahead of time in the event that any changes are made to the schedule. Several specialty classes may be scheduled over the course of the year as well, allowing an opportunity for extra hours of training. Each apprentice must attend at least 176 hours of instruction/training to be considered for advancement to their next period of apprenticeship.
Please be advised that your Apprenticeship Training starts promptly at 7 AM and ends at 5:30 PM on Saturdays and begins anew at 7 AM and ends at 3:30 PM on Sunday’s, for a total of 18 hours of credit per weekend. Bring any and all tools, books, paper, writing utensils, etc. to class each day that you will need to successfully complete any projects and/or assignments given to you. You must sign in and out on the class roster each day to receive credit for that day. If a student cannot attend class, be advised that it may be very difficult to make the time up and get your advancement/pay upgrade on time. If a student habitually misses class the JATC committee will require the student to report before the committee and explain their absenteeism problems. The committee will then determine whether to readmit the student to Apprenticeship Training or suspend them from the program, possibly indefinitely.
Have an enjoyable and productive school year!

Schedule 1                                                            Schedule 2
Tony Skaggs / 1st& 4th Yr.                                 Jeff Burgin / 2nd & 3rd Yr.
September 12th & 13th                                       September 19th & 20th
October 10th & 11th                                             October 17th & 18th
November 14th & 15th                                         November 21st & 22nd
December 12th & 13th                                         December 19th & 20th
2016                                                                         2016
January 9th & 10th                                               January 16th & 17th
February 13th & 14th                                           February 20th & 21st
March 12th & 13th                                                March 19th & 20th
April 9th & 10th                                                      April 16th & 17th
May 14th & 15th                                                    May 21st & 22nd
June 4th & 5th (Cookout)                                    June 4th & 5th (Cookout)
Special Classes not yet scheduled                  Special Classes not yet 

*Schedule1 = 2nd weekends-except June* *Schedule 2 = 3rd weekends-except June*
*School Schedules posted on web on ‘Sheet Metal Workers Local 5-Home’ site.
*Call your Business Agent and/or Instructor if you are unable to attend your class for any reason
*You Must!; Keep the JATC Committee informed of any changes in your contact information
*Keep up with your school hours and let Linda Sharp (LU5 Secretary) know when you have enough hours for advancement

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