Sheet Metal Workers Local 5

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DATE: July 20, 2015


FROM: Christopher L. Griffey, Business Manager

Please be advised that we will continue to have our Regularly Scheduled Union Meetings on the second Friday of each month at the Union Hall, 112 Hillcrest Drive, Knoxville, Tennessee 37918

We are scheduling Informational Meetings accordingly:

CHATTANOOGA: The first Tuesdays of each Month, we will have Informational Meetings at 7:00 pm at the Chattanooga Hall, 3109 Curtis Street, Chattanooga, TN 37406

NORTH CAROLINA: The first Thursdays of each Month we will have Informational Meetings at these locations at 5:00 pm on the dates listed:

CHARLOTTE                          RALEIGH                       HIGH POINT
IBEW #379                              IBEW #553 SMW           LOCAL #5 HALL
1900 Cross Beam Dr 3300  US Highway 70 E          1446 Bethel Drive
Charlotte, NC 28217             Durham, NC 27703      High Point 27260

August 6th 2015                     September 3rd 2015     October 1st 2015
November 5th 2015               December 3rd 2015      January 7th 2016
February 4th 2016                 March 3rd 2016              June 2nd 2016
April 7th 2016                         May 5th 2016                  September 1st 2016
July 7th 2016                          August 4th 2016            December 1st 2016
October 6th  2016                  November 3rd 2016

We will continue to have the Informational Meetings in Chattanooga and North Carolina, as long as we have good attendance.

Also, we are planning on putting on Training Classes for Rigging (the date and time is undetermined). However, if you are interested in these Rigging Classes, please contact the Hall in your area and have your name put on a list for the training. We will notify you when and where the classes will be held.

Here are the phone numbers for each Hall: (865) 689-2928/(800) 732-6276-Knoxville
(423) 629-9661/(423) 488-3627-Chattanooga
(336) 882-3167/(336) 681-3080-NC

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