Sheet Metal Workers Local 5

Solidarity in Chattanooga

Working Families Stand Together
posted June 15, 2011

When you go to this year's Riverbend festival it won't take you too long to notice thousands of fans emblazoned with union symbols. If you take a fan and flip to the other side, you'll notice the quote: “The most powerful word in the language of the working class is SOLIDARITY”.

And its solidarity that the unions intend on displaying this year at Riverbend; not only solidarity with each other, but solidarity with all working families.

Solidarity is what we need now more than ever. This year's attacks on working families by the Tennessee General Assembly are purposeful attempts to rob working people of what few economic rights they have left. The General Assembly took away our teacher's collective bargaining rights after months of mean-spirited attacks against the very people who educate our children. And now Sheet Metal Workers stand arm and arm with all Unions to get our great country back on track.
Special thanks to the members of the VOC (Voluntary Organizing Committee) and Chattanooga Organized for Action for helping Local #5 distribute 1,000 fans to the working people of Chattanooga.

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